Sapphire HD 5670 ddr5 VS. Gigabyte HD 5670 ddr3


I'm trying to select which one would best perform considering the system I have.
So, here's the two:

Gigabyte HD 5670 1gb ddr3 128bit (GV-R567D3-1GI) VS. SAPPHIRE HD 5670 1GB DDR3

My System:
CPU: Athon II x3 unlocked to Phenom II X4
MOBO: Asrock N68-S UCC (which I think is ddr3 as well)
Monitor: 16" LG LED monitor (currently, planning to updrage)

Their difference here in our Country is only $6

Which one is the way to go?


1. Compatibily and performance
2. Price (6$ difference)
3. Compatibitly of my MOBO
4. Power
5. temperature

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  1. in the title, the sapphire card says DDR5, do not know if that was a typo or not
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    If one of the cards is DDR5, definitely go for that one, it will be much faster than the DDR3 model.
  3. ^+1, otherwise just go for the cheapest if the clock frequency and ram specs are the same. Power/temp will be pretty much the same, those cards dont produce much heat or use much power. Compatability will be the same.
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  5. THanks! This is going to be my first video card then. Sapphire HD 5670 1gb DDR5!
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