Would you test this PSU?

Apparently it's a 720 Watt Power Supply with 80+ efficiency. AND it's only $29??? Should I trust it? What do you guys know about A-Power?
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  1. I meant trust NOT test!
  2. Do not buy crap PSU.

    You will waste the $30 and it will break under 3 months.
  3. It looks fecal. Geeks.com sells A-power, and they're PSU-shaped objects. In any case, I don't see "80+" on it.
  4. I realize that you may not have as many sources in your location, but those PSUs look to be poor quality, which is typically reflected in the price.

    Take a look at www.jonnyguru.com and www.hardwaresecrets.com to find a quality PSU available in your area.
  5. No.....one of the bets bang for the bucks right now are the XFX Core Editions which jonnyguru gives 9.5 performance ratings....
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