Recycling a laptop LCD Display?

Hello everyone! I recently got my hands on an HP Pavilion dv9000 laptop. It was sadly a victim of terrible overheating, due to design flaws in the model its self. I can get it to turn on every once in a while, but that's beside the point, because the computer is pretty much fried. What I want to do is use the Display as a second monitor on my desktop system.

First off, I don't know if its even possible. I've taken apart laptops before, but I don't know how the wiring or anything would work. What I was wanting to do is see if I can wire the cords from the display to a VGA adapter I have, and then connect that to an external video card.

Has anyone done this before? Or is this a farfetched idea that will generate many lulz?

Please don't mock me if it sounds ridiculous. I just see this perfectly fine, widescreen display sitting here. And I want it.

Thanks for any insight in advance :)
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  1. Well I went ahead and took apart the laptop, and now have the monitor separated from it. There are 5 cables:

    One I know goes to the webcam.

    Another I know goes to the speakers.

    There are two, connected, with connectors that look like tiny dots. Very very small, labeled 1 and 3

    And the last one I think is my best bet. It has a bar-like connector (slightly resembling a Sata) that is wrapped in a black cloth. Inside are lots of tiny wires. I think this, combined with the two "dot" connectors, are power and visuals.

    Any ideas?
  2. Ah, well I seem to have neglected to mention that I found mainly old information on I feel like an idiot, thanks. Well let me put this here:

    I understand about Tft controllers.
    I understand laptop lcd screens are mainly proprietary.
    I understand it would be almost cheaper to buy a new monitor and leave it at that.

    I'm trying to find newer information on the subject. Is there a way to bypass a controller and do direct wiring/soldering? Or can I leave the Screen attached to the laptop video card and do it that way?

    I really didn't mean to seem like another non-googling jackass, sorry. I'm smarter than that, I promise :)

    EDIT: Well here is my revised plan. I'm going to connect cables from the LCD back to the main body individually, then power it on, until I find the right combination of cables.
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