Need help upgrading inspiron 530s

Hey guys,

I bought a Dell Inspiron 530s a few years ago. As I got more into gaming, I upgraded my graphics card to a visiontek radeon 4650 sff card and my CPU to a 3ghz core duo, in compete disregard of the fact that I had a 250w psu.

Inevitably, my psu recently fried, but because of the slim form factor of my case, the only psu available is dell's 250w one. I need to have a working computer pronto, and I have a slim budget, so my questions are these:

Is it safe to buy another identical psu and use that untill I can upgrade my computer?

If not, can someone recommend me some products to make a smooth and cheap transition to a larger case? (what psu, case, motherboard, etc I should buy)

As I'm currently posting this on an iPod, I can't find out what exact components I have, but i need to keep my hard drive (the 250gb sata 3.0 one that came with the computer), I'd like to not have to buy a new cd drive, and I enjoy the card reader that comes with the inspiron 530s.

Thanks for helping.
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  1. Check They have all sizes and shapes of power supplies. click on "more" for your category under atx or micro atx, etc selections.
  2. I had an Inspiron 530S and I dont remember having a card reader :<
    Anyway, for something really cheap and temporary, find a cheap ATX case on your local trading website like kijiji or craiglist and a good 500w psu for future upgrades. Don't buy another 250w PSU because you will eventually need to buy a new PSU later.

    This is exactly what I did btw.
  3. I bought this one from PointTek which is 400W and its been running non-stop for more than 8 months by now.

    Best of all... tons more connectors.
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