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Dell XPS 400 RAM Upgrade Question - FJ030

Hey everyone. I have an XPS 400 that I got from the junkyard and have made it my own upgrading it with parts I've either found or bought. It's come out to be a good computer but I need more RAM. I have four 512mb sticks in it but I need it to be a bit quicker. The only problem, I'm not so sure about what motherboard is in it. I used Belarc and it told me it was a Dell FJ030 motherboard. But I'm not too educated on Motherboard-RAM compatibility. According to this - - it will take up to "DDR2 Up to 4 GB DUAL Channel" but I don't know what the DUAL Channel means. And also, I don't know if it has a MHz cap. So can anyone with some experience tell me how I can upgrade my RAM and what kind and such?
Thanks! :D
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  1. Go to Dell's support website and put in the Service Tag that is on the sticker of the case. It will tell you and give you options of items to update.

    You can then search for the memory from Kingston or Crucial or wherever
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    you would have to get rid of 4 512MB sticks and buy 4 1GB sticks
    that would cost ya 60$ if you buy two kits
    240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Dual Channel kit
  3. Is the service tag a code under what seems to be a barcode?
  4. Dangit. Well then nevermind. I'm not looking to spend that much on this computer. :/
    This machine is only temporary. Thanks for the assistance, you guys!
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