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Hello all, I currently am using a stock i7 960(3.2ghz) I am also using a Thermaltake SpinQ cpu fan. I am however concerned with the temperatures Ive been seeing and I was hoping to have my mind put to ease. At idle the cpu cores are usually between 28-33 degrees C, the fluctuate within the range.
Upon running 3D mark several times I was seeing an average of 54-56 Degrees C across the cores, Now When I ran Prime95 I was seeing temps hovering around 64-68 degrees C after about 10 minuets.
Should I Be worried about these higher temperatures at load? Do let me know if you need more details from me, your input is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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  1. That seems high for a aftermarket cooler at stock speeds! I don't own a i7 960 myself i own sandy bridge which are suppose to run a bit cooler but in my opinion i would say those temps are high for the cooler you have at stock speeds. What is your ambient temp ?? first thing i would do would be check to see if the cooler is seated properly and re apply thermal paste. you also want to make sure your case has good airflow as well.
  2. Ambient Temps are at 23 degrees or so, My case at moment has a 120mm fan in the front sucking air in, a 120mm fan on the top pushing air out, and another 120mm fan in the rear pushing air out. I believe airflow is good. I have some dynex thermal paste right now I could use, but I do have some arctic silver 5 coming in the mail, should I try to reseat the fan with the dynex stuff, and then reseat it again when I get the arctic silver 5 in the mail? as for stability Ive had no issues or crashes so far and Ive have the PC for about 5 months now.
  3. those temps are fine

    prime 95 puts severe load on the cpu--more than you will put in real life use

    as a comparison my i7-920 at 4.2ghz hits about 68c under full load on a corsair h50 closed water setup
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