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Gigabyte HD 5770 SOC Issues in Witcher 2

Hello Everyone,

Last week, I bought this HD 5770 card : I received it on monday and installed it last night. I mainly bought the card in order to play The Witcher 2.

Now, after roughly 5-6 minutes of playing, the screen turns to grey/black, and comes back online for like 2 seconds, and If I don't escape the game at this moment ( 4-5 seconds of time to do so ), then the PC freezes and I need to restart it. If I leave the game during this period, I have some artifcats displayed on the Windows 7 desktop. If I enable ATI Overdrive, and downclock the GPU's clock to 750 Mhz and the RAM's clock to 900 Mhz, I seem to be able to play without crashing.

I have an XPS 420 with a Dell stock PSU of 375W. I asked on these forums last week if it was enough to run the game, even if the card supposedly requires a 450W PSU, and a couple of guys told me I should be fine with the Dell stock PSU since my PC was probably nowhere near close the 375W limit. I'm starting to doubt that, but I don't know much about that and I was wondering if the symptoms above look like a defective GPU or a underpowered PSU ?

I have the latest drivers from ATI and the 11.5b hot fix patch too.

If the problem is indeed the power supply, I'm debating whether I should go with :

Antec Earthwatt EA650 Green :

Antec Earthwatt EA500D Green :

OCZ ModXStream 600W :

CoolerMaster Extreme Power Plus 550W :

The PC is right beside my bed and stays awake pretty much 24/24. So the more quiet it is, the better. I'm open to suggestions too, I'd like to keep the price of the PSU under 70$ if possible. I don't plan on having SLI/Crossfire ( my motherboard doesn't support it ), I might add a new SSD somewhere in the future and that's about it. I don't know much about PSUs, so I rely on your advices to guide me !

What do you guys think ?
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  1. check u r system temperature
  2. Do you have the 6-pin power connector plugged into the card?
  3. When the card crashes, it's around 63 degrees celsius. That doesn't seem that high to me. Right ? As for the 6-pin power connector, yes, one is plug, but the manual of XPS 420 says that I should be using the other 6pin cable, which I don't have, since it's only the 425W PSU that came with some XPS420 that has this cable.

    I did buy a OCZ ModXStream 500W today. It was 50$ at NCIX so I figured I could try replacing the PSU just to make sure.
  4. That temp. is fine. Do you have to 4-pin molex supplies plugged into the 6-pin adapter that came with the card? They both are needed to supply enough power.
  5. Hi !

    Thanks for helping me with this. I did plug the P12 connector that you can see from the XPS 420 manual. I'm I using the good one ? Do I really need to use the 4-pin molex instead ?
  6. There is a decent change the VRM's are overheating. Perhaps a thermal pad did not get installed correctly on the card. Overheating isn't limited to the GPU itself.
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    pifor106 said:
    Hi !

    Thanks for helping me with this. I did plug the P12 connector that you can see from the XPS 420 manual. I'm I using the good one ? Do I really need to use the 4-pin molex instead ?

    The P12 is the one you want, that is specifically for the GPU.
    Could very well be an insufficient PSU. The 5770SO calls for a minimum 450W in the manual. Although some 375W units may work, yours included with the PC may be inadequate.
  8. Hi,

    I received my PSU today ( OCZ-ModXStream 500W ... was on sale for 49.95 over at NCIX ). Installed it, not without trouble because of the way the cables were laid out in the DELL ), and my problem didn't show up again. So I guess the problem was the PSU.

    A good thing too, the new PSU is much more quiet than my previous one that came with the PC. So that's an extra.

    Anyway, thank you guys for taking the time to reply to me. Greatly appreciated.
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