Faulty Motherboard USB port or Faulty Keyboard?

Hello Guys, here's something that has been bothering me for a while.

This has been happening for quite a while, My Keyboard(Generic) disconnects then immediately reconnects "every time" a power surge occurs(indicated by my AVR ticking to adjust the voltage) But ONLY my keyboard, my Mice doesn't disconnect(both are USB), i have tried switching my keyboard around the 6 USB ports yielding the same issue when a surge occurs.

Is it safe to assume that "the" Keyboard itself is faulty and not my USB ports? My mobo is a P8Z77-V and aside from this little problem everything is working fine.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Why does a surge occur? Perhapsa you have other devices on the other USB ports like external hdd, iphone charging, printer, tablet, etc. The usb ports have a limited supply so if a high power device requires more then other usb ports will reduce in power or become unavailable for use.

    Usually though, if the keyboard is conecting/reconnecting/disconnecting then it is possibly a loose in the cable of the keyboard. Consider using a wireless keyboard.

    Only use USB 2.0 ports for mice and keyboards.
  2. It's area related, nothing i can do about it that's why i have a AVR to counter it and it is doing its job the only device that is having issues is my keyboard lol.

    will try and get another USB keyboard for comparison, before i was using a PS/2 keyboard w/o any issues so maybe it is my current keyboard that's faulty.
  3. Bumping this back up

    Tried a brand new keyboard with the same result, so i think it's really my motherboard having issues. I contacted ASUS Support and they told me to clear CMOS for a try and also to reinstall chipset driver for a try but how do i actually do that? should i really try it or just RMA my board?

    This issue is baffling in its randomness, it doesn't happen all the time, heavy gaming does not trigger it and mostly only happens when a power surge(indicated by my AVR ticking) occurs. but seriously? why ONLY my keyboard GAH!!!!
  4. Help anyone?

    I'm beginning to wonder if it's somewhat related to electricity flow, is there a software that can monitor if my motherboard is getting enough power?

    I'm trying to avoid sending in back for a RMA if i could isolate the problem so i would really appreciate any help
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