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Is it possible to import your party from the final save in BG1 to BG2? Or is
the only option importing your main character?
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    You can't import NPCs, you can only import charachters created by you (the
    main characther and maybe others if you made more than one characther for
    your party).

    "skizm" <> escribió en el mensaje
    > Is it possible to import your party from the final save in BG1 to BG2? Or
    > is
    > the only option importing your main character?
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    >Is it possible to import your party from the final save in BG1 to BG2? Or is
    >the only option importing your main character?

    You can only import the whole party if you created the whole party in
    multiplayer. If you played single player then you only can import the

    You will even if you played single player encounter many of the same NPC's you
    saw in BG 1 they will be higher level though. And you will encounter some
    NPC's that you didn't know in BG 1 as well. Some of the NPC's will not be able
    to join you from BG 1 and I will let you discover that for yourself.

    You can of course play BG 1 and BG 2 with and all created party in multiplayer.

    And that is a good way to control your party better if you desire to do so.

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