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Intel D915PBL Upgrade?

hi all, got a question i have a Intel D915PBL, with a Intel Pentium 4 530 Prescott 3.00Ghz, Socket 755 LGA, whats the highest that i can upgrade to??

i was thinkin a core 2 duo e4000 series but im wantin to make sure if thats even possible, Bus Speed is 200.00mhz, Rated FSB is 800.00 Mhz and memory is ddr 2 266.7mhz

any help would be nice, i know its a old rig, but just wantin to upgrade it for family, also the computer is custom made
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    Nope no core2 lines are supported the highest you could go it appears is a pentium 4 extreme 3.4 ghz.

    I just read on other forums that the 915's chipset doesnt support or boot with anything higher than that pentium 4 3.4 ghz.
  2. ok, then how about a celeron d? i know they arent that good, but idk for sure, lol or is this prob the best one for this kind of rig, also any ideas on the graphics?, it does have pci express :)
  3. A celeron D would be even worse than that pentium 4 3.4ghz. It is not a dual core cpu its just named D to seperate the last generation of them. Going on graphics i wouldnt recommend anything higher than a 6570 or 520gt because of the bottleneck the processor would give.

    Honestly you would be better off just scrapping the computer and building one from scratch. You can get a quadcore with 4 gigs of ram and a video card for 250$ from tiger direct or newegg.
  4. oh i know lol, im just tryin to build this out of parts i have laying around, lol my current rig is way fast than that, i just needed a general idea of what i could do, on the 6570 your refering to nvidia? i have a nvidia 7300 LE, laying around, and a 5200 Ultra, idk if the powersupply will be able to handle it due to its only providin 15 amps on 12 v rail
  5. The 6570 is an AMD card such as this And its a pretty low power card, IE not needing a PCIE power connector.

    The 520gt is in the same boat being here

    A 5200 ultra is about 9 years old now and the 7300 LE is about 7 years old now. Getting one of these newer cards will definately have an increase in performance over those lowend older cards. Just dont expect to game with these.
  6. as much as your right, im just wantin to know one last thing, really not lookin to put much of any money into it, btw, but if its able to run one of the graphics cards i already got then great,

    it has the following powersupply
    Ever MPT-350

    +5V - 30amp
    +12v - 15amp
    -5v - .5amp
    -12v - .8amp
    +5svb - 3amps

    it seems like a pretty heavy bugger, but im not able to get any info on it, never heard of the brand, is it capable of runnin any of the old cards ive asked about, i also have a 4000mx layin around, reason why i ask is cause the current card it has in it (when i got it from a customer for trade) it came with a s3.....yah haha horible, no on board either, so any help on this will be thankfull
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    Yeah the old cards didnt require anywhere near the power they do today. You could power a 5200fx with a 120 watt power supply if you wanted too.
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