CPU underperforming, Temps reading as extremely high when they aren't

Hi, I have a problem with my processor. I switched my mobo and cpu out recently for a z68 mobo and an i5 2500k. However, when i tried to play battlefield 3, the performance was horrible, significantly worse than on my old cpu. I figured out that my temps are apparently hovering between 75c and 85c while idling. I know that it isn't that hot because the heat sink is literally almost cool to the touch. I think that it's misreading my temps and underclocking the processor to prevent it from overheating or something. I don't even really know if it does that it's just my theory because I know that the temperature isn't that high. Any ideas out there?

If anyone needs more info just let me know.
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  1. If it is reading that high it should be under clocking! RMA motherboard.
  2. I RMA'd it the first time because they sent me one with a broken PCI slot. Can you RMA twice?
  3. You can RMA multiple times until you get an acceptable product!
  4. On second thought If your cooler is not attached properly then it will not get hot but the CPU will!
  5. Ok I just pressed down on the cooler and heard it click into place further now my temps are around 50-60. That still seems too high.
  6. What would a normal idling temperture be?
  7. About 10-15°C over ambient, you might want to disassemble and reapply paste since it might have dried out.
  8. The paste is likely a problem but would it really affect it that drastically? I mean 20c to 60c seems like a large jump over some dry paste.
  9. Temps might drop after a few cycles but 60 is high and yes the paste is an essential part of the thermal cycle!
  10. Also - what is the ambient temp in the room? And what cooler/paste?
  11. I about 70 F in the room and the cooler and paste are stock. The paste is dried though so that is part of the problem I just feel like only that can make the temps soar so much.
  12. Try new paste and re-seating the heatsink (make sure to clean the old paste off first!) - you should see 30-35C
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