Pre-built for blu-rays?

Hi guys, i'm looking for a good pre built PC for watching blu ray movies on my HDTV. I want it to play as good as a dedicated Blu ray player (no lagging, 1080p graphics)

I found this, is it any good? Is the CPU/GPU good enough to play blu-rays at 1080p without any lag? Is there anything less expensive? Thank you very much.
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  1. Nice high end system for watching Blu ray.

    The cpu (i5-2400) is really strong.

    The video card (HD 6450) has hardware acceleration for blu ray decode. Here is a Blu-ray 3D Decode Acceleration Benchmark review:,2920-11.html

    You should have no problems.

    Note: this is a small case system and will never be a good gaming system. If you plan to do 3d gaming in the future then get a bigger case so you can upgrade the video card. If you do not plan to use this PC for gaming then you have a perfect high end blu ray system. I have an older slimline used mainly for web surfing -- it is quiet and has been reliable. I think you are making a good choice.
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