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Hi Frinds, I Just Recently Bought A new NVidia 8400gs 512mb Card so that I Have to Play Games Like COD MW2,POP5
Ass Creed,etc.
But I Ignored My whole Configuration while upgrading. I Have Just 2.4 Ghz P4 Cpu And 1 Gb D2 ram.I
Know Its Very Old But is there any way to Play Latest Games On this.My P4 Supports Hyperthreading & My Mobo too But
no Option is Displayed In BIOS to turn it On. Please Reply !!!
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  1. no, the 8400gs doesnt meet the minimum requirements for those games and neither does your p4. Read the minimum requirements for the games you want to play. to play them well you must have ABOVE the minimum requirements. For example assassins creed has a minimum of 6800gt vid card and dual core processor.
    The 6800gt has twice the fill rate and a HUGE amount more memory bandwidth than your 8400gs. So your vid card will not meet the minimum, nor will your CPU.
  2. ^Simply said, you need a new PC to really play the latest games.
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