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I am running an almost brand new custom built pc with the following specs:
intel i7 950 3.2 ghz (liquid cooled)
evga gtx 580
8 gb corsair dominator ram
haf 932 case
1 tb caviar black hdd

When i first started gaming on this rig it was phenomenal, no framerate issues on any new games at all (starcraft 2, black ops, ut 3, crysis 2, medal of honor)
now I am seeing the fps in games drop, creating a stutter that is very distracting during gameplay. I do enable vsync to keep it at a steady 60 fps but in games like unreal tournament 3, which i should be able to run flawlessly, i see the fps go down to 40 and 30. Before a couple of months ago I could run any game with no problem. Im thinking of formatting completely although i do have over 400 gb of games already saved on my computer.
Why would my performance decrease like this?
All drivers and software is up to date.
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  1. sorry i should have posted this in pc gaming thread. didnt see it at the time. although Im thinking this might be a hardware issue.
  2. What are the CPU's and GPU's load temperatures? If they are OK, try to switch PSU with a friend.
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