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m2n32 Sli Deluxe. I recently moved and this computer was unplugged for a few days. I plugged it back in, it gave me a CMOS Battery Error and loaded defaults. I checked the battery and it was dead so I replaced it.

Problem is, every time I clear the CMOS it gives me that error, lets me change things in BIOS -OR- hit continue and it will fail to find O/S. I think that's my raid0 stripe that got messed up from the original clearing. Next symptom, if I change anything in BIOS or reboot it even once after that, nothing happens.. at all... The computer turns on but does not POST, no beeps no video - nothing.

If I clear CMOS again I can get into the BIOS again or 'continue'. I've tried pulling each stick of ram thinking it might be that. I have already swapped the board into a different system with the exact same results (wanted to anyway).
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  1. The new system doesn't have Raid setup - just a single hdd. I put the ram back in, cleared CMOS and it booted.. I seem to have lost the registry though so I probably have to reinstall everything. Not sure if it'll boot again after that first one though, going to try now before I put the battery back in.
  2. Same problem persisting:

    First boot from CMOS clear will boot windows.
    When I reboot, turn off the computer, etc from that point on - it won't post.

    I left BIOS on default settings.
  3. Amazing, you hit it on the first try. When choosing BIOS I picked the one that said:
    2. Resolve system may freeze during POST at random after battery was removed once.

    Thanks verbalizer. :D
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