Compaq C700's whack display. Thoughts?

Hi guys, I just got handed a Compaq Presario C774TU and its screen is whack.

The owner claims not to have dropped it (though I am dubious) and not to have ran it on their lap (more dubious).

The facts:

*-An external LCD works fine. Displays scalable resolution, all drivers up to date, ship shape on that front (so I assume that rules out graphics card).

*-No cables are loose. I took it apart down to the inverter and all cables are tight.

*-It displays all colors (Red Green Blue)

*-No pixels appear damaged, nor is the back light damaged. When it's turned on, it's all white, and will fade into some indistinguishable shape (a few different ones we've gone through) and stay like that as I navigate computer (the colors of random lines do not change from black screen to white screen.

What are your guys thoughts?
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  1. Time for a new display. Is it under warranty? If so, return to vendor. If not, look for a replacement screen. They are actually pretty easy to install.
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