Cpu fan error

Dear sir,
when i start my system i saw in my monitor screen "CPU FAN ERROR " . then at-a-time 3 beep sound listened. then system was on . then after 1 minutes it was turned off automatically. please kindly solve my problem.
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  1. Dear sir,
    i am confidently sure that the fan is insert correctly.
  2. DOes the fan spin when you turnt he PC on? If it does, is it spinning fast or slow?
  3. yes the fan is spining fast
  4. Is the heatsink properly mounted? Normally it turning off after a short amount of time means the CPU is overheating.
  5. dear sir,
    oh yes there is just little amount of heatsink on the CPU. i think it is the actual fault.
    many many thanks to you for your help.
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