Upgrade from Athlon II x2 220 to Athlon II x2 270 worth it?

hello all,

my emachines et1331g-07 came with an AMD Athlon II 250u cpu when i 1st bought it. i was on a budget and got it and my monitor at a discounted price, the emachines was an open box but never used and with my dad's work discount ... got it all for under $400. so as funds became more available i upgraded the PSU and GPU. and i finally swapped the cpu with the althon ii x2 220 from another emachines in the house (don't worry, they know and like the lower power usage of the other cpu and only use it for email, facebook, and pictures.). i have contacted emachines customer service about compatible cpus and they tell me any athlon ii x2 under 65w will work. i have read reviews of people putting 250s and 250s in with success so i am not to worried about compatiblity. what i am concerned with is if i will see any kind of improvement in perfomance. the 220 is 2.8Ghz w/ 512kb L2 and the 270 is 3.4Ghz with 1mb L2. i figured i would see a big improvement from the 250u to 220 but i didn't. i did see improvement but not what i was expecting. other specs on my machine are 4gb ram 400mhz, 650bg hdd (don't know the brand, seagate from what others have said), unknown dvd burner, failing 9600gso that i am going to replace soon, and a cooler master gx450 psu. the main game i play is WoW and Vindictus once in a blue moon. i mainly want to get more WoW perfromance while i still have this pc. i will be building a new one next year, but that is still about 6 to 7 months away when i can get about a good amount saved up to build an i7 or bulldozer machine with xfire or sli. but until then i want to maximize what i have, but i wonder if i will see enough of a gain for it to worth it or just save the money for my new build. here it is for 69.99 w/ free shipping, not a bad price. i would even spend an extra 40 or 50 if i knew a phenom ii x2 would work and put my build off even longer.

like i said the main game i play is WoW, may play SWTOR when it comes out but thats about it.
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    You would not see a massive difference apart from the approximately 22% in CPU speed less a step than from the 250u.
  2. Not really worth the price for the small increase in speed. If your motherboard allows it, you could probably overclock you current process to match it.
  3. yeah, i didn't really think it would worth it. the biggest difference i actually noticed was changing video cards. i guess i just replace my failing video card and leave good enough alone until my new build, then i will "retire" this pc to my son, who likes wild tagent games and

    as for mobo oc, mine does not ... i know software such as nForce is out there, but i am kind of wary of that stuff. i used EVGAs tool but only bumped up from 575mhz to 600mhz on the clock cycle, didn't touch anything else expect fan control and that is another story interely.

    thanks for the advice, i can go ahead put a little extra money into my video card replacement now.
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