24 pin connector will not latch on to port


I'm trying to plug my 24 pin psu into the motherboard, but the latch on the 24 pin wont latch on to the motherboard. Also, on my case (phantom 410) i have 4 3 pin fan connectors and a molex one too. Where do i plug those into. I already tried plugging the molex in to the psu but the fans only pulsated and didn't spin
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  1. To get the 24 pin to latch try rocking it in further or pushing rather hard on each end back and forth till it seats all the way in. The molex is plugged in right sounds like might be a bad fan. All the 3 pin connections plug directly into the motherboard you will see allot of fan headers that look like the one the cpu fan plugs into all over the board. These will be labled case fan just plug them into all of these.

  2. i can't plug the 3 pins into the motherboard because its the same exact 3 pin on the motherboard. I guess for this case you are supposed to plug them into the fan or fan controler but i'm not shure
  3. I can't connect it to the mobo because it has the same 3 pin port. I guess you are supposed to plug the fan controller directly to your fans for this case but I can't really see this visually in my mind. Can anyone help me who has this case
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