Aftermarket heatsink - no temp changes

I just installed my new Cooler Master Vortex Plus heatsink and it seems like it didn't do nearly as much as I hoped for. I ran HWMonitor on idle and with 30 mins of Prime95 on stock sink + quick 5 min Prime95 on CM V+ @ 3 am :D and the difference is close to none.

- Idle 41C
- Prime95 (30 mins) 66C

CM V+:
- Idle 42-41C
- Prime95 (quick 5 min test) 59C <--- going to test that tomorrow for 30 mins

So realistically temperature changes are close to none existent as far as it goes and I'm $28 short :s

I tried to follow the many instructions on thermal paste application, used a pea sized amount and squished it with the heatsink itself to prevent air bubbles (the card spreading method).

Any concerns/suggestions are more than welcome - I'm pretty sure I'm doing it wrong, just have to figure out what...


** AMD 955 BE Stock | GTX 560 Ti | 4 GB DDR2
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  1. 66°C is a great prime temp!
  2. You forgot to mention what the Ambient temps are in the room where your rig is placed.
    Actually you can have the best of aftermarket cooler and not go below the ambient temps of the room, unless, you're using a Peltier cooler.
    What you could try is, if you have an air conditioner, you can try to place the rig closer to the AC, and then check with both the stock and the after market cooler.
    But basically, I wouldn't worry at those temps or that're in a very safe zone as far as the temp and the price is concerned.
  3. Do you OC your 955BE?

    If you say no, that wil be not big different between stock cooler and aftermarket cooler.
  4. My guess is your case has limited airflow and is narrow(choice of Vortex as cooler).
    A properly ventilated case yields better temps then a hsf will in a poorly ventilated case.
  5. I use a cooler maters 310 case with an open side (only 1 exhaust fan on the back), my room temperatures (pretty damn cold basement) are probably around or under 18C. After a couple of days of the paste setting in, I checked the core temps and they are @ 40C, which is 1C under stock cooler. I have asked the people in the store about the case airflow and they said that it's not that big of a deal considering my temps are that low with stock cooler (my video card reaches 70C when I play BF3 on all high). I mean, it's just logical that a better cooler (2 pipes stock vs 4 pipes on vortex) will reduce my temps idle + prime95. Unless I'm mistaken, the only thing that comes to my mind is that I messed up with the thermal paste. Any more suggestions, concerns?
  6. What CPU temp do you get in game?
  7. Haven't tested it in game yet, however the Prime95 run just shaved off 9C. After 30 mins it's @ 56-7C which is an improvement. Sadly I think I'm gonna be above 60C yet again once I OC my CPU to 3.8ish
  8. That is fine for prime! It is not a load you get in normal use!
  9. Looks like Vortex Plus was either a pos cooler or somehow defective. Just got a Corsair A50 from a friend for $20 and so far it's doing exactly what I expected it to do - 33C idle. Yet to Prime95 it, but I'm sure the results will be we'll be where I want them. Thanks for all your help.
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