Asus SabertoothZ77 ACHI MODE WHERE?

1)I just finish making my build, haven't installed OS or anything yet.

I am using Asus Sabertooth Z77 mobo, and a Crucial m4 ssd.
Iwant to install my system (its winxp 64 bit- then upgrade to win 7 64 bit - two installs).

Now I don't know, where can I find the ACHI mode?
I searched everywhere in the beatiful bios of the ASUS and could not find it.

Please help, tell me where can I find and enable the ACHI. Can't start my build without this.

2)Also, my CPU temptures in bios, and mobo temptures, using Noctua Nh-14 on full speed in a Corsair t600 case is 26-27 Celisios (idle on bios).

Is this ok? I applied a small pea sized blub of thermal paste, not too much not too little I hope.
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  1. ACHI should be found on the Advanced tab in your BIOS. Where it says SATA Mode Selection is where you can enable it, if it isn't already.

    Regarding your temperature, those numbers seem fine. Unless it's really cool/warm in the room the computer is located, those are probably going to be close to your normal temps.
  2. 1. Download the Manual from Asus Site
    2. Open it in Adobe Reader
    3. Search on AHCI

    Or just open the manual and turn to BIOS section. It should default to AHCI automatically.

    As to TIM question .....
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