Is there a problem with my z77 d3h motherboard?

Hey guys, I'm relatively new to the PC building business...
I have recently started a new PC build with specs:

Motherboard: Gigabyte z77 d3h
Graphics card: Nvidia Geforce GT430
RAM: 2 x 8gb Vengeance
Processor: intel i3
PSU: Alpine 600w
Case: Advance NeoXblade 8813b

I am having problem even booting my PC up; and I can't figure out whether the issue is with the connectors on the case or the z77 motherboard. I don't have as advanced [spare] equipment to use trial and error and if I return any parts, I may lose my money altogether.

All the connectors are in correctly, and I've even taken everything but the CPU/PSU connectors out and tried to fire it up. I get a small movement of the PSU fan when I hit the power button and that's it; and that's only when I unplug and replug the power cable.

I read that my power supply may not be powerful enough, but I haven't got loads of hardware plugged in at this point, so shouldn't be using too much wattage. Right?

Can any of you share some advice? Or have you had similar problems? I want to avoid buying more parts if needed
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  1. Hello,
    It sounds like to me your PSU is bad. It could be your motherboard, but I don't think so. 600W is plenty of power to run your system. So lack of wattage is not the issue. Do you have another computer you could test the PSU in? If you don't you can test the power supply with a multimeter if you have one.
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