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Hi folks,

How's things, I'm a long time reader of toms first thread though. I have a question related to future bottlenecking in my system. I play a lot of games at 1920 x 1080 and generally aim for highest settings at 50+ frames 2x AA, Idealy VSync at a solid 60 fps. In the past year a few games have started to give my system a run for it's money and I'm considering a new GPU, basically I'm wondering how future proof the other componants are and if a simple GPU upgrade would be sufficient. My specs are:

Intel 920 i7 @ 3.8 GHz D0 revision
ATI 5870 @ 875 / 1250 Mhz
8 GB DDR3 1600 MHz tripple channel config
128 GB SSD
Mobo is a Gigabyte UD5 edition, don't remember the model number off by heart, but it's a good mobo.

So I'm thinking of either upgrading to the 580 GTX, or waiting to see what the 7xxx series from ATI brings, or Nvidia's next offering...Will a simple GPU upgrade be enough? Should I wait for the next gen of cards at this stage? How much longer (estimated) do you think the other componants will hold up, with Ivy Bridge on the way. The system is 2 years old now btw.


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  1. They are expected to hit the market in December. That is very close. You can opt to wait. But the GTX580 is a good enough card in itself.

    But i dont think 920 would give you any bottlenecking issues. Dont know about the 7xxx cards, but GTX580 wont be bottlenecked.

    About holding up... the i7 920 would be playing games well into 2014 or more. Unless the gaming architecture changes dramatically!
  2. Joe, ur cpu (with this OC) is totally OK. You shouldn't upgrade it for now.
    I'm pretty much sure u will need only a GPU upgrade, for the sake of VGA's God, please wait the new iterations from both AMD and Nvidia.

    With this you can either buy the new generation, or the old generation cheaper.

    Since ur GPU is pretty powerful, how do u feel about crossfire it? It could upgrade ur VGA power with little money for the run. What do you think?
  3. Hi guys,

    Thanks for the replies, I did consider the option of crossfire but I'm using a 630 W PSU and I know it won't handle two 5870 with all the other stuff I have crammed into my tower and the OC. I did a bit of research and the Xfiring 5870 doesn't seem to scale very well anyways. Plus there can be some issues with drivers to get the most out of crossfire, as a personal preference I think I prefer single card solutions!

    So with all that said it's good to hear my CPU will do me another few years anyway, think I'll wait to see what the next gen brings :)
  4. Yup... HD5xxx cards did not scale that well in CF. They got rid of that issue in HD6xxx cards. 630W should be enough for any single HD7xxxx. But haven't seen any benchmarks yet so cant say!
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