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PSU for GPU question.

I want to assume I may need to buy a new PSU. But I will if your answers are what I am looking for.

The GPU I want requires 450 Watt Power Supply (with 24A on the +12V Rail)

I have a 500 watt with 17a x2 on the +12v Rail. Would I be able to run said GPU wide open if the game/task required max load?

Or should I just buy an upgraded PSU?

Thank you!
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    If it requires 450W, you'll be of course good with 500W one.

    GTX 460 will work fine with 500W PSU.

  2. Mandude said:

    I have a 500 watt with 17a x2 on the +12v Rail.

    Sounds like an original EA500, if that's the case there's nothing to worry about.
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