Foxconn H61mxv / G.Skill 4gb DDR3

Okay, so I'm building a budget PC for a friend and everything was going smooth untillllll I booted it up. It turns on, but begins to beep repeatedly and I get no video or anything. All fans go, seems like everything is on, the DVD drive opens and closes, just no video and the beeping.

Now I did some homework and found out that the repeated beeping is either the PSU or Memory (apparently long beeps and short beeps are the difference) The problem is I don't know what constitutes a "short" or "long" beep, they could easily be considered either. The beep interval seems to be about 1 good second.

An interesting discovery I made was when the RAM is placed into the 1st slot (closest to CPU) the computer turns on for like 2 seconds then turns off, then turns on again and continues to do the beeping from that point. When the RAM is in the 2nd slot there is no reboot or turn off, it just comes on and proceeds to beep. This has slightly made me lean to believing the problem could have something to do with the Memory.

So I've narrowed it down to the problem either being the RAM, the PSU, or perhaps even just the mobo in general

Unfortunately this is all the sleuth work I had time to do due to work, while hopefully some people respond I'll be messing around with components from other computers to try and narrow the problem down. I pray that the issue is resolvable without having to return anything to Newegg but am realizing that probably isn't going to happen :( . Thanks for any replies!
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  1. If you have bread boarded the motherboard, 1 stick RAM, CPU/HSF, PSU and connected the monitor to the on-board video but can't get it to boot to BIOS, it sounds like the board is defective. Not all that unusual unfortunately. Motherboards are the most likely to be defective of all new parts due to the vast number of components they consist of.
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