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i have the celebron dell inspiron 1545 that was given to me and i plan on fixing it and using it for school. id like to maybe upgrade to the pentium processor so that it is a little faster and maybe upgrade the ram but ive been having a problem with a few questions..

will i have to upgrade my motherboard or will the pentium processor just snap right in?
i know it uses ddr2 ram i believe, i think like 800, would 4gb of ram be enough just for some multitasking?

if anyone knows please let me know!

im sorry for the simple questions but im unable to turn the computer on because of the battery port is broken off and the part to fix it wont be here till monday i hope -.- so if anyone can help it would be great
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  1. Get this instead and save yourself alot of hassles. Upgrading oem systems isn't worth the time and money. Order this system without any options and it will be much faster than what you have now; you can change it to 8 gb of ddr3 for about $25 after rebate if you live in the usa and order from newegg or frys. Install the ram yourself and don't pay dell their inflated price.
  2. Hello i have an inspiron 1545 that i upgraded a few months back. I pulled the pentium cpu and put in a core 2 duo p8700 i found on ebay for like 80$ brand new. The 1545 as it comes has two memory ram slots and usually contains a 2gb + 1gb stick to = 3gb. You can pull the 1gb and replace it with another 2gb and have 4 but thats as much as it can handle as it sits.
  3. awesome man, well ill look into that. my touchpad on mine hasnt worked since i rebooted it after replacing the dc port but idk what could be the problem, guy said it worked before he gave it to me. maybe just a bad connect?
  4. Yeah
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