How much did your system cost?

Hey all,

I'm doing a study on the average cost of end users systems. This includes PC's and laptops of all brands. If you would, please select your answer based off of how much you spent...not what it's worth now. This does not include peripherals, but just the system itself.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Which time? I bought the parts of my first "real" system back in 2005ish for $775. But I've constantly bought more parts. First when I pulled my S939 board and put in a P35 with an E6600. ($150ish) And then again when I pulled that and put in my P55 with an i5 750. ($300ish) I've upgraded ram, heatsinks, motherboards when they've died, and a couple of video cards. I guess in the last 6 years I've spent ~$1500? Or do you want the $775? Or the last upgrade of $300?
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