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Hi, I have a Rosewill wireless G PCI card being used on a Windows 7 x64 system. Every time I try to upload anything (email attachments,, etc.) my computer freezes, and I'm forced to restart it manually. This problem happens on both IE or Chrome (so I don't think the browser is the problem) but it goes away when I hook my system up to wired LAN. I have no idea what's wrong with it, but I'm guessing the problem lies within my wireless card settings. Anyone know how to fix it? :hello:
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  1. Could it be a resource clash ? Go into the BIOS and disable any ports you're not using (COM, Games/Midi, Parallel Port if using USB printer). Restart Windows a ciouple of times to reassign resources.

    Try moving the card to a different slot.
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    I'm tempted to think it's a driver problem, esp. given it's 64 bit. I assume Windows automatically installed and configured the driver. Try grabbing the driver from the manufacturer directly. Sometimes the driver chosen by Windows is not always the best choice.
  3. I tried what you said frihart, didn't work. I'm using an MSI 890fxa motherboard, so I only have 1 PCI slot. BTW, all of my computer parts are less than a month old. Eibgrad, I'm downloading the Rosewill driver right now. I'll get back to you.
  4. WOW! Thanks a lot eibgrad! It worked! I downloaded the newest drivers from Rosewill's site, and I tested, and the upload went perfectly! (when it used to freeze before) Thanks again!
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