Will a thermaltake v4 fit a HIS 6950?

My HDD is at the lowest drive so that won't be a problem. However, as the cords from the power supply come from the bottom, i'm scared that there will be not enough room for it to connect to my motherboard (H57M Gigabyyte) after installing a 6950.
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  1. cheers to anyone that can help
  2. Are you referring to the 20 pin power connector? You may have enough room to route the cable under neath the mobo.
  3. That card would fit in your case.

    I'm not sure I understand your concern. You are worried about the power cables reaching the card?
  4. Yes i believe its the 20 pin power connector (sorry i don't understand a whole lot about computers lol). There does not seem to be space behind the motherboard.

    At the moment, the 20 pin power cables do not seem to budge as it is tied to the HDD tray. So im worried if i put in the 6950, will there be enough room for the 20 pin connector cable to go around the 6950 and reach the motherboard. i don't have any concerns regarding the power cable reaching the card. I can said a photo of it to your email or something so you can see? Thanks for the replies btw.
  5. Can you untie the power connector from the HDD tray (24 pins btw)?

    You can post pics here if you have an image hosting service. You just need to link the URL
  6. Yeah i can untie it, just wondering if there is enough room to re-route it. Well im going to have to untie it anyways too cause ill be replacing the PSU with either a Corsair GS600 or TX650.

    Heres the link:

    Sorry about the metal pole in the way, thats just my table.
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    There should be just enough room under your board between the mounting holes. You might have to unsheathe the cables if they are bound all together so they lay flat and can fit under the board. If you cant then you need this...

    NZXT 9.84" 24 Pin Motherboard Extension Cable Model
  8. Wow thanks, did not know those extension cables existed. I shouldn't have any other problems from what you can see fitting the 6950 besides the 24 pin connector getting in the way right?

    And i shouldn't have problems installing a GS600 or tx650 into a thermaltake v4 with a 6950 right?
  9. It doesn't look like you would need the extension, but it is a good option if you find you don't have room.

    You should be able to run the power cable underneath the GPU without any problems.

    Either of those PSUs will fit in your case as well.
  10. Thanks a lot for your help, greatly appreciated!
  11. No problem.

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  13. soongy said:
    And i shouldn't have problems installing a GS600 or tx650 into a thermaltake v4 with a 6950 right?

    The tx650 would be my choice but yes, both will support the 6950.
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