Booting double take

Ok, straight up I'm going to apologise, I couldn't work out where to post this so you guys have to put up with it until a moderator decides for me.

Having said that:

I just installed my new SSD and the fact that I have a problem with boot times - from before the SSD was installed - has finally made me do something about it.

This happens in all situations off -> on, restarts, cold boots etc.

I turn it on, I get the motherboard splash screen with the usual "Press F8 to receive bacon, press F2 if you're not sure what you're doing". (Asus M4A87 motherboard).

It then runs straight through to the "No any disks found" as it should do, finds my three disks (SSD, 1Tb, 500Gb) and then INSTANTLY goes back to the motherboard splash screen and does it again, only after the second run through does it progress.

Things I have noted:

There's no resetting of the hardware - it doesn't seem to turn off/restart within the cycle, it just goes through the cycle twice with no obvious reason

I'm not overclocked

This is not related to the SSD, but may have started around the time I plugged in the second HDD (Couple of months back, 1Tb WD Cav black).

I have never meddled in the BIOS except to change the boot order for the disks.

It's not hugely inconvenient except it drags out the boot times quite considerably - before I just rolled my eyes and put up with it but now I have an SSD I would kind of like to feel the advantage of it by having a faster boot time.

Does anyone have any advice?

I will try to film it/take photos of each screen if requested, I would do it now but it's late at night.
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  1. mmmmmmm . . . . bacon

    oh, have you gone into the BIOS and made sure you saved the settings?

    b a c o n :)
  2. I use F10 to save and exit whenever I change the boot order of the disks, it doesn't seem to be to do with the boot order though because (as far as I can tell) it does exactly the same thing twice - if the boot order was an issue it would just loop endlessly.
  3. ok. just took a shot. it seems your bios is "forgetting" something (didn't mean with the boot order)and needing to reboot to "remember"

    have you tried updating the bios?
  4. No, think it is worth a try?
  5. Update: Just flashed the BIOS and then went into the settings and disabled the manufacturers ad screen. Seems to have sped it up a little.

    If anyone has any other suggestions that might be worth tweaking I am still happy to twiddle with knobs until something breaks.
  6. still doing the double boot then?

    sorry gave it a shot . . . . mmmmmmm bacon .. . .
  7. I hear a cruel and probably malicious rumour that you can get bacon applicators to fit in your empty front bays...
  8. Since it won't let me edit my own post ;_;

    looniam your input has helped - I needed to update the BIOS and it has sped it up a bit since I then meddled with some of the settings, I'm curious as to whether anyone knows anything else that might have caused it.
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