3 monitors with different resolutions. ATI Eyefinity.

I just plugged in three new Acer G235H 23 inch monitors to my ATI 5570 with eyefinity. I got all of them working as a group. But everything is all stretched out left to right and kind of big. I'm not looking to game with this. Just general business stuff. I tried decreasing the res. But that made it worse.
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  1. What resolution do you have it at? With those monitors you should be able to go 5760x1080 with eyefinity enabled (make sure each monitor is at 1920x1080).
  2. I gave up on the eyefinity as the max res made everything stretched out. I then disabled the group. And tried to set the res on each screen. I have 1920x1080 on two of them. And then the one on the display port only goes to 1440x900.
  3. I believe that most windows software won't respond to Eyefinity resolutions as modern games do. Spreadsheets my work well. As far as the low resolution on the DP port, have you tried selecting that display as primary?
    Check the windows control panel display settings to assure that that is not effecting the resolution.
    Also, in CCC, have you selected extended display mode for all three monitors, or did you try to make a "group"?
    Right clicking on the monitor icons in CCC desktop management brings up a few more options.
  4. Are you using an active displayport to DVI adapter for your third monitor? With eyefinity, it is necessary to have at least one monitor out of the three using displayport, but since your monitors (AFAIK) do not have displayports, an active adapter is required because only two channels are provided for DVI/HDMI connections, where as displayport uses independent signalling. I have no idea if this is the problem, but thought I would throw it out there.
  5. Did they correct that "problem" in the 6 series or is that still the case. Did you try all three monitors in 1440x900? I am pretty sure he is right about one having to be active...but no harm in trying.
  6. Sounds to me the issue is the 1440x900 one. You might be able to do 1440+1920+1920 width, but height will be limited to 900 so the 1080p screens will look funny. Not certain on that, you might be forced to do 1440x900 x3 which is what's going to make it look bad on the 1080p.

    A possibility is to rotate the 1440x900 sideways and enable 1080 across all 3 screens...

    Otherwise just don't use eyefinity... you should still be able to use them independantly.
  7. I bagged on the eyefinity. I am just doing extended desktop as this is for business use only. But:

    I have 1920x1080 on two of them. And then the one on the display port with active adapter only goes to 1440x900. Tried unplugging the other two monitors and got the one up to 1920x1080. But as soon as I plugged the other two in or rebooted (tried both) the one monitor went back to 1440x900.

    Any ideas? Other than upgrading to a Flex card? Will a flex card fix this? Someone on another forum said they had this problem with a similar card and it fixed when they updated to a flex.
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