AMD A6-3650 or Phenom II 955BE?

hi guys! i want to build my new pc.. Please help me what those two differ from each other and which will be the better for my gaming use..
I prefer using built-in graphics for a while, i dont have yet enough money for graphics card.. :(

A-series build
AMD A6-3650 (2.6G) 4mb
Gigabyte A75M-S2V VSL/ddr3
4Gb ram

Phenom build
Phenom II X4 955 (3.2G) 8mb
Gigabyte 880GM-USB3L usb3/d3
4Gb ram

to anyone who'll help me, thanks a lot.. :)
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  1. Well the above will be better for gaming in the near term the latter will be better for gaming when you get a discrete GPU put in it, but will pretty much be unable to play any games right now. The 4200 series IGP is much much slower than the GPU inside the A6-3650 from AMD, but the CPU is slower than the Phenom II.

    Given that you are gaming on a very limited budget the A6-3650 would be the better choice for gaming now.
  2. Save until you get the cash for a discrete GPU.
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