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I have a Asus K53E laptop and I was dumb enough to update the wrong bios version. I been looking all over the place to find out if I can reflash the bios and fix it but I have no luck. I would ship it in but i don't have warranty anymore. Does anyone know anyway to fix it? I really want to use my laptop. I would consider replacing the bios chip but I want to know if there is any other way to fix it without replacing the bios chip or motherboard. Thank you for helping :)
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  1. unless you can boot into the bios to flash it to the correct version, you need to replace the chip.
  2. oh. So if its in black screen and can't access the bios, the only way to make my laptop to run again is to replace the chip? well that sucks. I hope bios chips don't run at a high price. Do you know where to buy them at?
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  4. thank you
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  6. glad to help.
  7. Hello,
    i have the same problem as mastertrumpet1.
    I ordered programmer and clip adapter from ebay. So my question is if i can program BIOS chip soldered on motherboard or i have to unsolder it and then program it and solder it back?
    I am afraid that i will make my motherboard faulty if i will program BIOS chip directly soldered in circuit. Do you maybe have experience about this?
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