AMD c-60 vs Intel Celeron 925

I have to make a decision on which low end laptop to get. While the Amd is has 2 cores the 925 benchmarks quite a bit higher. All other components in the two laptops are the same. The 925 will be 14" and the c-60 wil be a 11.6" netbook. I will mainly be using for school ie. web browsing writing documents, a few youtube and netflix videos.

I searched and there was a similiar thread but the poster did not mention the benchmarks. Also if you could just let me know between the 925 and c-60 only. These are the only two lappies I can afford right now.
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  1. If that Celeron 925 is the Penryn-3m based Celeron running @ 2.3GHz with 1mb of L2 cache then the Celeron is the better choice even if it's a single core, it has a better architecture and higher clock speed.
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