If i have a strong GPU (example 570-580gtx) do i need sandy bridge ?

Hey everyone,

im starting my research for building a new rig since its been a good 4-5 years since ive gotten new hardware so im kind of
out of the loop.

If i plan on getting a high end GPU will i need intels sandy brige CPU? ive been looking at the i7-2600k, or should i get just a non on board graphics CPU? (is that the non -k series 2600?) is it a waste of cash to get both GPU and a CPU with onboard graphics? or does it not matter since they preform better the the older ones anyway ?

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  1. The CPU is also an important part of your gaming PC. All of the recent CPUs have graphics on the chip, so you aren't wasting money by getting a sandy bridge chip. You may be wasting money by getting a 2600k over a 2500k.

    If your rig is for gaming the 2500k is the better choice. The primary difference between the 2500k and the 2600k is that the i7 has hyperthreading allowing you to run 8 threads at once, which is not helpful in any games that are currently out, or will likely be out in the near future.

    HT also increases heat, so you will likely be able to get a better OC out of a 2500k.
  2. ok i understand, thanks for the reply.

    im starting to study graphical design and will probably in the future need a strong pc for rendering 3d in maya and
    vidoes in after affects.

    will the 2600k be better for those tasks ?
  3. For gaming you need a discrete GPU. For office use you do not.

    I believe all the professional grade design software use HyperThreading so a 2600K will be stronger than 2500K.
  4. I don't know about Maya, but the 2500k works almost as well as the 2600k in after effects:


    However, if you have the money to spend, having the hyperthreading option would be good for AutoDesk
  5. To determine if the i7-2600k or the slightly faster i7-2700k is better for your needs is to research the software you will be using. If those software can take advantage of Hyper Threading, then it is generally worth buying one of those Core i7 CPUs rather than the i5-2500k.

    All Sandy Bridge CPUs (the ones we are talking about) have an integrated graphics core whether you want it or not. The "k" series allows you to overclock the CPU for better performance. You will need a motherboard with the P67 or Z68 chipset to overclock. The H67 (I think there's also the H63 and H61) chipset does not allow you to overclock.
  6. haha the 2700k isn't better for anyone, you're paying intel to increase the multiplier for you (by 1). If you are going to buy a k series you should be overclocking anyway.

    You do need a P67 or Z68 board to change the multiplier. If you don't want to mess with overclocking, you can save money and get an H67 (or H61) board and a locked CPU (i7-2600)
  7. Depend on what resolution are you going to play at. At lower resolutions with a good gpu you need a fast cpu. If you plan to run a two card setup then Intel will be your best option. But in 99 percent of the games except the few bad port here and then a Amd cpu and a intel cpu will give you roughly the same fps with the same gpu at higher resolutions. By Amd and intel I mean the x 4's and Intel Sandy bridge.

    So check what you can afford. A X4 955be with a Gtx 570 will get your better performance in games than a 2600k and a 6870. Almost the same price both setups but the better gpu will give you better performance. All the cpu need to do is to keep up.
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