Cheap, Silent, Low Watt PSU for Fusion HTPC

It looks like AMD's fusion makes the perfect HTPC. It will play any 1080p media file at about a 25% load. The max draw on the system was 51 watts, including SSD and 16GB of ram and PSU inefficiency. I would guess a 100 W PSU would be perfect for this system. Anyone know of a cheap, fanless silent ~100 Watt PSU? I'm familiar with the Kingwin STR-500 for $160, but that is massive overkill for this system. Doesn't need SLI or even more than one SATA connector.


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  1. Go to a pawnshop or flea market and buy one of those old 250w psus.
    Psus are a funny thing. The bigger the are the more they cost and the smaller and cuter they are the more they cost.

    But on a serious note
    You can look for a 300w one from Antec

    Most of them sold out but you can look at other places just get the name and the series number of the one you want and google for a shop that has it in stock for you
  2. I'm running an AMD fusion board paired with an Antec ISk. Check the link in my sig for build details. I've changed a few things since then (different SSD and different tuner) which lowered my power consumption, but it's basically the same.
  3. Pico PSU -

    As silent as the power brick you use, and up to 98% efficient (though you won't find a 100% efficient power brick so realistically you can expect near 80% efficient).

    If you have an old 12V power brick laying around that puts out 9A you are set. Or, you could buy one. Or if you have some other voltage they have a version that takes inputs from like 12-25V.
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