First the keyboard, then the wifi, now the bluethoth is broken...


I have a Packard Bell Dot S 10", notebook. It is a clone of Acer One.

Two days ago some of my keyboard keys started to work faulty. For example, the "o" key did not work and the "n" key was parsing "···" signs instead of a "n".

I took the keyboard out and cleaned it. After putting it back it worked for some hours. Then it got faulty again. Nonetheless now the faulty keys were no longer the same. Eventually all the keyboard ended up not working.

One day ago, my wifi started also to get crazy. Now it turns on and off on it's own. And the worst part is that it works ok for 10 minutes or so when i restart the pc, but then it gets to connect and disconect itself without me doing nothing. Actually when this happens the wireless button does not work anymore.

Today I started to notice that the bluethooth also connects itself sometimes on it's own. Now, for example it's disconected, but its on/of button is not working.

I'm running my machine on XP Home edition. I thought this could be a windows virus, but I've installed Ubuntu just to check and I got the same problems with it.

Two days ago I was thinking about buying a new keyboard to replace this one. But now I do not know anymore. Maybe it is something more serious!

Any feedback will be most wellcomed.


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  1. When you put it back together sure you did no touch or bent something?
    I suggest you take it to someone working with laptops and let them sort it out cause you already did more damage by fidling with it yourself.

    Btw did you clean the keyboard with water or something?
  2. "Btw did you clean the keyboard with water or something? "

    No... I just vacuum cleaned it to remove any eventual dust...

    I did not thoch anything else. I just removed the keyboard out. It is like an acer one. So one does not have to thouch anything else to take the keyboard out. Look at the Photo.

    I think there is something bigger. Maybe the motherboard, that it's damaging other components.

    "I suggest you take it to someone working with laptops and let them sort it out"

    This netbook costs like 200$. It's more expensive to take it to an expert than buying a new one. So it is still wort from me to try and fix it myself. Otherwise it's best to buy a new one and use thise one for spares.

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