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Hey dudes!

I've got a wierd issue with my computer that I just cant figure out. My Mouse laggs in windows and laggs ALOT in games. Strange thing is that my keyboard doesnt and my wacom pen tablet runs as smooth as silk at all times. I have tried with a different mouse and the issue is still there. I've also reinstalled Win7 once and the issue is STILL there! I've searched the web for days for a solution but nothing has helped so far. Before I reinstalled win7 I used to have this strange thing that internet would not work when i started the computer and then I would have to restart three times to get it to work. Is there something wierd with my MoBo or what?
Got any ideas?

Comp spec:
Win7 x64
AsRock P67 Extreme6 MoBo
Intel i5
Gigabyte Nvidia 560 Ti
Intel SSD 80gb + 1tb storage hdd
Wireless mouse from Ace.
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  1. I've read of similar issues before on here.

    One answer had to do with the BIOS - resetting the BIOS seemed to clear things up with the mouse. So try resetting your BIOS.

    Have you tried updating the BIOS firmware, as well as your motherboard drivers?

    Do you have a proper anti virus? I would also install one if you don't.

    What kind of Power SUpply do you have?

    Do you have a wireless dongle for your Mouse? If so have you tried changing to a different USB port?
  2. update your bios.
  3. I've seen mice lag horribly from the mouse being too far from the wireless receiver. I've also seen issues on a wired mouse from a motherboard BIOS issue as others have already stated.
  4. I did update my BIOS And that solved a lot of the problem but it still is there though, now and then it freezes up for a second. All mobo drivers are up to date. AVG is installed and in effect. My power supply is Corsair 750W which should be well over what my comp needs. I've also monitored the power supply to see that it doesn't feed to little power. Changed the dongle to basically every USB port, and it is currently in the front USB port to be as close to the mouse as possible.
    This might be a stupid question but is Clear CMOS the same as resetting BIOS?
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