20+4 Pin Issues

My motherboards 20+4 pin will not plug all the way in, I've checked both the board and the wire and can't see any clearly bent prongs, If I position the cable just right I can get the MOBO power light to turn on and run my PC. I play extremely taxing games and don't seem to see any issues with my hardware. However I constantly wonder what I should do about that cord....

Are there any issues that could arrise by this? Essentially one of the prongs in the center must be bent because I can either have the top half of the connector all the way in or the bottom, the PC only powers on if the bottom is in.

I do have a SATA port that doesn't work, could that be related to this at all?
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  1. I would RMA it. Dont take the chance. It can ruin your whole set up if it decides to mess up for just a second.
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