Hi guys! im new here

can any1 help me.. im planning to upgrade my computer this december...

i can only afford 256mb ram of video card.. can any1 help me what kind of AGP cards will i buy"for gaming"?? :??:

My system specs:

Intel pentium 4(CPU 1.70Ghz)

Socket 478 mPGA



My AGP card is:
Rage 128 Pro Ultra GL AGP(microsoft Corp.)@bus 1 , Dev 0

My PSU power only supports:
300W of power

i have an AGP slot
that looks like this

( http://www.ixbt.com/mainboard/images/roundup-p4x266-nov2k1/85drv-board.jpg )

plss help :(
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  1. Hmmm... Well i have three cards which may appeal to you




    But if you are going to play games, you might as well upgrade your rig if money is no matter. And tell me the type of RAM you have. (For eg: DDR, DDR2)
    You may even consider getting a new mobo or a complete overhaul.
  2. My ram is DDR only :)
  3. If you lived in australia i could literally give you a much better computer for free. Something that old is not worth spending money on, most people are throwing them away. You can normally find government auctions or something and pick up a much better entire system for $100, like a dual core p4 with 2gb ram or something.
  4. thats very kind of yousir.. but australia.. thats a long way from home.. lol^^
  5. No point in beating a dead horse, save money and get a new PC.Your system is too slow for today's games.
  6. yeah i know... i dont have $.. hehehehe.. sorry^^
  7. If you are planning to play games released after 2006, you better get a new mobo, processor, DDR3 RAM, at least 512mb video card.
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