Hitching issues, not enough power for CF?

Hey guys I recently upgraded my videocard to 2 Sapphire 6970 from one XFX 4890. The 4890 when I was using it, worked perfectly, no hitching no stuttering. However with these new cards I am experiencing massive hitching across the whole computer, my keyboard would spam whatever key it was typing at the time (ex. appllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllle) and mouse would freeze for a second. With one videocard it seems to work okay but still has the issues but less frequently.

This is my specs
P6T Motherboard
I7920 @ Default
Cooler master 850W Modular Power Supply
Crossfire Sapphire 6970
Kingston 128GB SSD
500GB Caviar Black HD
Running three LED 27inch Monitors for Eyefinity

Right now, I believe it's the PSU that's the culprit, I've tried a 6850s too, and they also stutter/hitch not only the game BUT THE KEYBOARD AND MOUSE too. I am really stumped, It's not the SSD because I have tried installing the drivers onto a normal HD drive and with the 4890, it is fine.

Do you guys also think it's the PSU causing my problems? What else do you think it is?
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  1. Solved the problem by replacing PSU with a 1000W coolermaster.
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