Help with setting up home network with new DSL line.

Hey all,
I’m setting up a new network at my new home and wanted to get the best speed possible out of a DSL line… I have a standard DSL Modem and that will be connecting to a Wireless/Wired Router.

Should I:
1. Connect the DSL Modem as close as possible to the phone line coming into the house, then run the 40’ Cat5(or6) to the Router where the Tower PC will be located?
2. Run the standard phone line the 40’ from the input into the home to the location of the tower and connect the DSL Modem and Router and Tower together?
3. Connect the DSL Modem and the Router as close to the phone line input as possible… then run a Cat5(or6) line 40’ to the tower?

Or is there is a better way, please let me know.

Thanks all!
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  1. functionality and speed wise neither of the three options make a difference.
  2. Originally, that’s what I thought… but last year at another place, the phone line repair guy told me that speed greatly increases if I move everything close to the input of the phone line…

    As I’m not putting the tower next to the input on the phone line, I figure there is a better configuration?
  3. Thinking about it, I used a CAT5 with RJ11 connectors instate of a phone cable (which does not have twisted pairs). A phone cable might degrade the DSL signal; therefore, option 2 should be your last option to use
  4. so as long is the wire is twisted pair from where the line comes into the house... we'll be good to go no matter where the modem and routers are?
  5. i re-ran where the phone companys line comes into the house so it's closer to the modem... i'm useing a 15' phone line to patch between the phone company outside wire to my modem... running at 3.2meg while my plan says upto 6meg.

    i'm going to try a 2ft. cord and see if it makes any differnce... but i'm guessing that the 3.2meg is the max because it's AT&T, s.o.b.'s
  6. had to call and get a tech to come out and look at the line outside... he said they had to swap out a "node", he put a new box on the house and ran a new CAT5e line from the box to the wall outlet... from the wall outlet i put the standard 6ft. phone line that came with the modem... get her hooked up and am now running at 5.1mbps down.

    it's not 6, but it's a hell of a lot better!
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