Upcomming Gaming Machine - $1500.

Whats up! So, I am diving into the world that is custom made desktops. I have been running games over the last couple of years on laptops, mainly because of college. However, I have decided to buy a desktop and get a netbook in order for mobility.

Budget - $1500.

I happen to need everything.

How does this build look? (I have a similar one on iBuyPower.com, however it is about ~200 bucks more.)

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  1. Pretty good.
    The only potential issues I can see are to do with the RAM. Firstly, it is recommended to get RAM with voltage 1.6V or below for a Sandy Bridge build. They probably will run at 1.5/1.6V, but I think it might be better to get some which are rated at 1.5V.
    Secondly, the tall heatspreaders on those Patriots, which are largely unnecessary these days, may interfere with the CPU heatsink. So I would suggest, while you are looking for RAM with 1.5V, also look for a set without tall heatspreaders.
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