Cooler Master Hyper 212+ Fan Needed?

Hi, I made a computer for work and I want to make it as quiet as possible. I am using the on board video card, and the only fan in my system is the Hyper 212+. I am running an Intel i3-2100... and my IDLE TEMPS are around 30C. The fan is running at around 600 RPM. If I take out the fan attached to the hyper 212+ will my CPU overheat? Is it ok if I do so? PROS? CONS?
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  1. very likely overheat! Need airflow to move the heat away from the heat sink.
  2. It depends on case airflow, you could even just test it, just watch the temps.
  3. Use something like Core Temp to monitor the cpu temperatures if you decide to do that.
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