Gaming Mobo Help. Asus or GB?

Hey guys,

after some carefull research, i wanna go with a z77 mobo and a 3770k chip.

However, wanting to know the best mobo for my needs.

ive heard the GB g1 Sniper 3 is awesome, but im tossing up between that, then Asrock Z77 Extreme 9 and the Maximus V Formula.

ill be running 16gb ram,
sli 560's
tx 850 psu

then rest really isnt a worry i got it sorted out.

just needing confirmation which board will run SLI the best with 16gb of ram.

basically will just be using for games, movies, no editing or anything as such, and i dont think ill O/C, but i might and if i do, ill buy a corsair h80 cooler.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. I would go for ASUS, because the boards are top notch, and they look amazing!

    Get the asus Maximus V Formula! :D
  2. All else being equal, Asus quality and dependability usually ranks a step above Gigabyte.
  3. interesting, cause ill be buying within the week and im re reading notes.

    im def choosing between

    ASRock Z77 Extreme 9
    Gigabyte g1 Sniper 3
    Asus maximus V Formula.

    And i just cant choose.
    eash board looks amazing, however the one thing the formula doesnt have compared to the other 2 is the PLX PEX chip which will be good for afew years down the track. Also i think what it does is provide more lanes as ill be running SLI so it may peform better, especially if down the track new GPU models come out that use pci3.

    i just cant decide!
  4. had an asus board like that, so again, not going those in particular. Also they look like theyve been smothered in blue shite, they are aesthetically terrible.

    Going something abit dif, money isnt an issue for me. It will be one of those 3 no other boards will sway me.
  5. your reasoning?

    jsut wanna know why you prefer it over the others xD
  6. +1 ?
  7. hahahaha awesome!
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