Having problems with sapphire hd 6850.

hi there.I have just got my new pc and with it a Radeon hd6850 .I am running in Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit.I installed all my m-board drivers and after put in my disc witch I got with my 6850,autoplayed it and install .It asked me Reboot my system ,wich I did.After rebooting going into my desktop the screen splits,sometimes gives black stripes or just messes up my screen but you can still see arrow moving exc. ,so I booted into safemode succesfully to rollback my grphc driver to the standard windows driver and rebooted it,the screen was back to normal.
Is it my drivers?I geuss. but why do they give discs with my graphics card with the wrong driver then?what should I download or do.
kind regards
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  1. nowadays i see a lot of peoples complaining about this same kind of problem related to ati drivers......seriously amd should take action about these problems
  2. yeah!!I feel it 2.!!!I did how ever did driver sweep and let windows automaticaly update my driver and I thought it worked for a while but after6min it started making funny again and did a rol back
    /t?.so that did not help!!its only After I reboot....
  3. could it be my screen as I am temporarily working on a 15 inch crt for the moment?
  4. i dont think its a problem with your screen....and as i said earlier, its the common issue with ati catalyst
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