Best h77 mobo out there?

im in a canvass mode for the best h77 board in the market? and why? any inputs would be highly much appreciated
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  1. MSI H77MA-G43, is a great board? been eyeing for this for quite sometime? any review or users that have been using this? your feedbacks would be highly much apreciated thank you
  2. need to know this also, i will ride with this thread
  3. I'm riding on this as well

    in my case these are the ones in my list but i can't decide which one, they all have their pros and cons

    Asus Maximus Gene V
    Sabertooth Z77
    MSI Z77-GD65
    Asus P8Z77 Pro

    Asus Maximus Formula/ThunderFX is out of the question, this thing cost 30% more in my country but if this board had the same price in Newegg then I'll scratch everything else for this board.
  4. any help out there?
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