7950 OC w. <5ghz CPU , MoBo help?

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  1. xtwiinky said:

    Can't seem to find many 7950 builds.
    Im tight on budget, i figured mobos at the 120 range would be fine at the 7850 range, but my friend is telling me you get what you pay for, that price/preformance isnt good for overclocking.
    So with my i5-3750 overclocked somewhere under 5ghz and my 7950 overclocked to preferably stable max ranges, whats the best value mobo's out there.
    And if someone could give me a short lecture on what's the difference between cheap and expensive-high end mobos.
    It took me 5 all-nighters of googling Cpu's and Gpu's to figure them out completely. lmao.
  2. Asrock z77 extreme 4. Period.
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