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I wanted to upgrade my intel core 2 duo e6700 for any intel core quad Qxxxx. I have bought a Q8300 however after upgrade the computer did not run correctly, it power on for few sec then restart and run constantly but monitor was blank and there was no response form keyboard. So I assume that the processor was faulty and send it back. When I placed my old processor same think happen but after placing just one memory ram module it worked again and after restart I could add all the memory ram, I tried the same with the new one, but still the screen was blank, do you think that the new processor which was “used” was faulty or there is a compatibility problem. I have a Asus P5Q Deluxe motherboard and Ati 4870x2 graphic card and same low value memory ram. I want to buy new quad core but I’m nervous it’s going to be the same problem. Are there any drivers for the hardware that are specific for dual and quad core?

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  1. Asus website is not running well for my system. If you can find the webpage for your motherboard, check under "cpu support" and see if you need a bios update. Reboot, and write down your bios version at the top of the post screen. You can get into the bios and disable any boot block settings by pressing the "del" key when posting. Then if your bios file is old, download the latest bios program for your board and asus ez flash 2 bios flash program and install it and reboot again. Most bios programs allow you to save your old bios file with a usb flash drive. Asus also has the crashfree bios program on some motherboards, with the recovery file on the original motherboard cd. Proceed with caution if you decide to flash or you could end up with a dead motherboard. Let the program finish without turning off your system or touching anything. It will let you know when the system is ready to reboot.
  2. For Core 2 Quad Q8300 (rev.R0,2.50GHz,1333FSB,L2:4MB,4 cores) the Bios from the Asus website is 1406 however after clicking, it direct me to 2301 which is the latest one from 2009/10/27 should I flash bios and then change the processor?
  3. they ask you to dowload the latest bios 2301 this bios correct all default in the previous one,also install new bios before changing the cpu
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