Need help with new computer

ok guys the thing is im going to need to get a new computer to get something better for playing games at a good frame rate. I am looking for something under £500 preferably.

alternatively if someone could help me with parts for building one for this price it would be greatly appreciated to.
btw i would plan to use my tv as a monitor if that is possible.

the games i want to play are mostly mmo's
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  1. Hi, go look at the recommended configs for the MMOs and games you play and post them. Then ask best PC that meets the recommendations.

    Note: if you want your PC to be playable for only 2 years post that also, if you tend to hold things 4 years then the PC will need better parts.
  2. well the game i really am going to be playing most isnt out yet so there are no specs.. but it is meant to be playable on "mid range gaming pc's"

    im just looking for something that will work for now and i can upgrade later on :)

    the specs for the old game were:

    intel pentium IV 2Ghz or equivalent
    1GB of RAM
    4GB Available HDD space
    ATI Radeon 9600 or NIVIDIA GeForce FX 5700 Series Video Card or above
    16 bit Sound Card
    Direct X 9

    the thing about it is tho that the game engine is being changed quite a lot
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